Video Reactions & Dialog

Video Reactions, Reveiws, & Dialogs

2. Paul Glasky , We all felt it was time for me to post a video statement here on the blog. It is especially timely after Dr. Tom Meyers posted such a bitter review on 2/10/13. Not to worry as our spirit towards the new book is stronger than ever. My life is forever changed. I am proud and grateful to be one of the select few to work directly with professor Universe and his colleagues on this book (which is far more than just “any book” by the way.)


1. Dr. Tom Meyers, a bitter review. As promised, here is the bitter review of ConFyDance posted by Dr. Tom Meyers on 2/10/2013. We are doing everything in our power to counter act and defuse these bitter words. We will release a public statement this week. It is not our intention to censor anyone or anything on this blog, it is a place for learning and understanding the human condition. We bring this video to you, our readers, followers, supporters, colleagues, students and friends. View it as an archetype of the dark repressed side of being human.Please watch the video and let your inner voice guide you.


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