Fred Barnes

Fred Barnes


Fred Barnes

A Childhood friend.

Often rugged and unshaven, perhaps even in the same clothes as yesterday, Fred is often speaking to us from an on location “research spot.” It is still unclear as to “what” it is he actually does. He is often absent minded and pre-occupied with other things, so in essence, his video interviews and responses are not on his agenda. Spaulding Universe and  Fred Barnes grew up in the same small town along the coast of Rhode Island. It was mostly a summer town. Like most other kids they grew together playing sports, frolicking about, and making harmless trouble. Fred Barnes has stayed a loyal friend. Even when things changed in high school and Spaulding was idiculed by others, more isolated, face down in the books, and challenging everything their biology and physics teachers taught. It was Fred who never judged him. Barnes and Universe continue to be friends.


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