Frank Universe

Frank Universe

Frank Universe

Although little known to the public, Frank Universe is the younger brother (by 1 year) of professor Spaulding Universe. By day he is a low profile media buying marketing director for a division of TCW television and radio in lower Manhattan. The Rhode Island native now lives and keeps a studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. By night, Frank is guitar player, musician, and producer, but is very much a behind the scenes kind of personality. Along with Ryan Seslow, Frank formed the experimental band “Unconscious Blend” in 1997. Frank and Ryan have recorded several original songs as well as instrumental experimental music. Frank introduced Seslow to his brother Spaulding one afternoon during a garage rehearsal, the two hit it off and have been ongoing collaborators ever since.

Frank coined the band’s Bio in 1998 as such: “The Blend (for short) is an experiment in sub and unconscious musical free association. Unlike Jazz, which is each artists individual improv collecting into a harmonious union, a stream of energy directs all members of the Blend towards one musical consciousness.”


A recent statement made by Frank in late 2012 about the blend; “The blend comes and goes. Sometimes it is inspired and full of expressive energy, and sometimes it settles down into hibernation to digest and assess what will come next.”

Samples of the early Blend music can be found here ::


Frank speaks about his brother and his musical relationship with artist Ryan Seslow


short-link to this page ::

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