Dr. Tom Meyers

Dr. Tom Meyers 

Dr.Tom Meyers3

Tom Meyers was born in Detroit Michigan in 1962. As a young man he was outgoing, polite, and utterly complex. It was always his ambition to help people solve their problems through a term he coined as “commoner science.” He always wanted to be a scientist, knowing that this field would allow for him to expand and experiment across the human desire for understanding and the need for hypothesis. He received his doctorate in biology and theoretical cosmology from the Royal International Geographic Society. An exclusive private University that dates back over one thousand years. It was there that the young Meyers met a young Spaulding Universe, fresh out of his first doctoral program in dimensional psychology. The two became fast friends of like mindedness as well as lab partners through their program. They worked on the development of several theories, philosophies, and scholarly publications together. During this time, they were  inseparable, often mocked for working through weekends and lacking basic interpersonal social skills. Two years after their doctoral studies had ended, it is said that the two had a major fall out and public dispute. The details to this day are still sketchy, and had been known to take on their own lives by those who experienced the spectacle. Be it known that it was indeed Dr. Tom Meyers who was responsible for the shunning and expulsion of Spaulding Universe from the Royal International Geographic Society. To this day, this is the first and only sentencing of this magnitude in the history of the university. Several conspiracy theories continue to float around the Internet, amongst their colleagues, patients, and students. Some simply chalk it up to a classic case of Jung versus Frued. Meyers is currently a presidential professor of interdisciplinary psycho-physiology at the University of Framphapton in Chicago. Meyers and Universe have not been in the same physical space since their fall out in 1997. They still to this day aggressively disagree with each others works. Be it known that Dr. Tom Meyers likes playing the sitar. His black cat is named “Lucy” short for Lucifer.


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Meyers recently issued this statement addressed to Ryan Seslow on 01/05/13


short-link to this page –  http://wp.me/PLk90-1I

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