Dr. Simone Faltz

Dr. Simone Faltz


Dr. Simone Faltz

Clinical Psychologist.


Dr. Simone Faltz is a clinical psychologist. She met professor Universe over 15 years ago at a guest lecture on Human Ethics and the creative potential at Northern University. Advised to attend by her colleague Dr. Stephanie Blane, a confidant and psychology professor who has counseling Dr. Faltz with several a personal matters. Faltz had a physiological epiphany during this particular lecture. Still to this day she is unable to exactly explain what it was that triggered this experience. It is said to be known that as the lecture commenced that evening, Faltz felt compelled and followed Universe back to his hotel, she confronted him and broke down. Universe claims that she was glowing in the audience during that lecture, and he knew that we would have some form of an encounter with the Dr. after. His advice and counseling lead her to make a crucial decision relevant to an episode that occurred two weeks earlier, It is said that the advisement and support of the professor at that exact time actually helped Faltz save someones life. The two continue to keep in contact.


short-link to this page – http://wp.me/PLk90-3j

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