The New Collaborative Installation Sculpture.

:: 1/19/13 ::

We are happy to announce the completion and installation of our latest collaboration piece. The collaborative installation sculpture has been completed on 1/19/2013.  The large wall relief has been installed in the New York Studio of artist and frequent collaborator Ryan Seslow. The works will soon move to a non- profit out door public exhibition space. Dates are to be announced soon.

Prof. Universe with Cast Circuit Pods

Spaulding Universe and Seslow will be discussing the meaning and intentions of the piece in an up and coming episode on the professor’s web series. The installation wall consists of 25 casts that are currently mounted onto the wall. The second aspect of the installation will be installed on the floor. Universe claims; “These pieces are not intended to be displayed indoors, they are activating portals that demand individual experiences whilst still existing simultaneously amongst the masses.” Synthesizing technology, art, science, and self awareness seems to be a common thread in the works the men collaborate on. More on this soon.


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About Ryan Seslow

Ryan Seslow is an artist, graphic designer & professor of Digital Art & Design living and working in NYC. Working in a variety of mediums Seslow shows his work both on and off of the Internet. As a professor of art & design he is teaching various graduate and undergraduate courses simultaneously between multiple colleges in NYC.
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